Hi there, Michelle Price here, having been in and out of relationships all my life I decided to give the Magic of Making Up system a try. I've been called "needy" on more than one occasion! It was only until I read the Magic of Making Up did I realize what "needy" actually means to guys. Using the tips and advice I was really able to maintain a new stable partnership. I have TW Jackson to thank for that. Here you will find my personal review of his system...

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The Magic Of Making Up System – Can It Really Improve Your Chances Of Getting Your Relationship Back?

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I’m sorry to say this but there may be relationships that cannot be revived, which is where the system can also help you.

The sudden loss of a relationship can seem very hard to deal with; you may become depressed and less concerned about your appearance and health. This is known as 'The grieving process' and it's something that should be taken seriously. When the time comes, you'll be ready to move on, but only when you've acknowledged that things may never be the same again.

The Magic Of Making Up system can realistically improve your chances of getting your relationship back. The straight forward approaches it uses include new techniques that will help to make your life a lot easier and your ex-partner more willing to talk to you.

The Magic Of Making Up is full of great advice that's perfect for anyone who is suffering because of a break-up. You will learn how to deal with a wide variety of emotions, why they exist and what they mean. This book will guide you and help you to take every day as it comes and face life with a smile once more.

If you're the kind of person who would like to be on good terms with your ex-partner, you will learn exactly how to do this, despite the conflicting emotions that may be going on inside. This can make the break-up so much easier and can even encourage your ex-partner to think of you in a whole new light.

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The techniques suggested in this very clever book guide you through different ways of finding out what went wrong and how you can make amends. Even if your former partner insists there can be nothing between you again, you can still relive the attraction and get back in his or her good books once again. This technique is known as 'Removing the splinter in your relationship', and it's been proven to work, so much so the scar can heal permanently.

The Magic Of Making Up will show you how to deal with difficult emotions while helping you to realize and understand the problems that existed within the relationship.

The Magic Of Making Up will help you to think about attracting potential partners, something that may not have been on your mind for quite some time. Using a technique known as ‘Re-igniting The Spark Of Passion And Desire', you can slowly get your confidence back and feel good about life once more.

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  • 1 The Magic Of Making Up system works by helping you to cope with the horrible emotions you're feeling using something called the 'Fast Forward Technique.
  • 2 This system teaches you to be grateful for all that your ex-partner did for you and to show them in a constructive and 'Proper' way how grateful you are.
  • 3 You will learn to tell your ex-partner in a casual but acceptable way that you'd like to see them again
  • 4 The Magic Of Making Up will teach you to remain calm and take control of your life and cope with the changes you now face, even though things may have changed dramatically and you'll have to face a future without the one you love.
  • 5 If you have to see your ex-partner every day, this system will teach you how to deal with that and behave in an appropriate manner.
  • 6 When a relationship ends, many people over-react and start to behave compulsively and irrationally. The Magic Of Making Up will teach you to think clearly and deal with the issues in an acceptable way.
  • 7 The proven methods you can use to make contact with your ex after your breakup. Without seeming needy, too pushy or irritating.
  • 8 How to avoid bringing back negative emotions when communicating with your ex. Knowing that only positive emotions will ever bring you back together again.

Magic Of Making Up proved to be invaluable when I was struggling to come to terms with the end of my relationship. As far as I was concerned, we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. However this was not the case and it was a huge shock to the system that hit me hard.

The techniques used in this book were hard to follow at first, but they inevitably helped me to get closer to my ex-partner once more, but in a mutual way that suited us both.

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Heartache is very unpleasant and is akin to mourning the death of a loved one. You can feel so lost and sad that life can seem pretty unpleasant. While I was doing my best to get back on my feet and live life once more, I was finding it quite hard as I couldn't get my ex out of my head. Then one day my best friend mentioned a book she'd read while she was going through the same thing. I didn't think the book would work, but I thought I may as well give it a try.

During the next six months I was able to acknowledge the fact I wasn't going to get back with my ex-partner Steve, and think about what had gone wrong during the relationship. I wanted to call him daily, but I knew it was the wrong thing to do. Just as The Magic Of Making Up recommends, I left it four weeks before I tried to give my ex-partner a call, it was tough, but I did it.

It took a long time, but I got over the heartache of my lost relationship, but at least we are now on speaking terms and feel a lot more comfortable about seeing each other passing in the street. Thanks to The Magic Of Making Up, my ex -partner and I are now friends and we even meet up for a drink from time to time.

Friends tell me it's obvious there's a spark between us, but nothing can happen if Steve's with someone else. It still hurts a little to see Steve with someone else, but we've both moved on and can talk without raising our voices thanks to the advice in The Magic Of Making Up.

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Although life may be hard after a break-up, with the help of this book you can:

  • list style Think about your life as it is right now
  • list style Start to make plans for the future
  • list style Realize there are many different factors that cause relationships to end

The contents of this book and the techniques it uses helps you to express yourself in different ways so you can say how you feel without causing offense. 2 in 10 people are more likely to get back with their partners using the techniques learnt in The Magic Of Making Up.

The Magic Of Making Up works in a very deliberate but gentle way by getting you to think differently and helping you to convince your ex-partner to change their mind about you, and gently opening up the possibility of coming back to you once more.

These techniques are not nasty or manipulative, they simply help you to express a desire to meet up with your ex-partner in a non-confrontational way. These techniques may even make your ex think it was their idea in the first place, that's how good they are.

While not every relationship will begin once more, The Magic Of Making Up can make your ex-partner wonder if leaving you was the right thing to do.

If you don't get the result you're looking for, you can always use the techniques you've learnt if you meet someone else.

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It doesn't matter if you weren't with your partner for very long, if the hurt is there, the book could help you. Young people shouldn't be discouraged from reading this book, after all, they may get some useful pieces of advice from within the pages and this could encourage healthy relationships.

The Magic Of Making Up is appropriate for any adult relationship, whether it's casual or serious. If there is pain felt at the end of the relationship, the information and techniques taught can help.

Learn how to treat people as individuals, realize they have aspirations and feelings, learn to live and work together as a team, thanks to this book.

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Other programs encourage you to charm your ex-partner, call them and try your best to persuade them to come back, but this program is different as it helps you to acknowledge the situation and move on if you need to.

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Other programs just assume a box of chocolates and an apology will help, but this isn't being realistic. Your ex-partner was obviously hurt and upset, which is why they left. Sometimes an apology just isn't enough. Although it can be pretty hard to move on and get on with your life, The Magic Of Making Up will teach you to do just that, even if things are difficult for you right now.

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You can trust your relationship with The Magic Of Making Up because it teaches methods that have been proven to work, looking at the member areas fills me with confidence, there is a whole community of other people expressing how the program has worked for them, including many success stories of getting their relationships back.

Sometimes all that's needed is the right attitude and amount of patience to get the one you love back. You will also learn how to say “Thank you” to your former partner for the good times, and remain calm when you do finally meet up.

Looking back at the good and bad points of a relationship will help you to understand what went wrong. There may be a lot of things that have been left unsaid, there may be a lot of hurt, but you can learn to deal with this and explore what life has to offer you.

The Magic Of Making Up helps you by:

  • list style

    Thinking positively about your former partner, no matter how the relationship ended.

  • list style

    Take care of yourself once more, and in some respects become fitter and healthier than you have in years.

  • list style

    Helping you to avoid going on the rebound and starting a relationship with someone you're not sure you like.

  • list style

    Showing you there is life outside the relationship, even though that may be hard to see right now.

  • list style

    Showing you how to avoid ringing or texting your partner for one month.

  • list style

    Getting you to think about old hobbies, current interests and friends you'd like to catch up on.

  • list style

    How to avoid the biggest pitfalls that lead to depression, dealing with and overcoming the new found loneliness.

  • list style

    The steps you can take towards more vibrant and fulfilling relationships in the future.

  • list style

    Clearing your head and reframing your past relationships so that you can focus on the work you have been neglecting.

  • list style

    Looking at the relationship from an objective angle and realising that the break up may have been the best thing for both of you.

Not to mention a lot more advice that can and will help to make a big difference to your life, no matter how hard things are.

There are many emotions associated with breaking up, and this can be felt by both people. These are all negative emotions that need to be made better. Anger, sorrow, hurt, loss, and many other emotions can surround you and envelop you and make you feel quite lost.


The Magic Of Making Up will help to ease all that pain and make you realize that life is worth living, even if it means letting that someone go. I know from my own experience that the techniques taught in this book work. I thought I would never get over Steve leaving me, but I was able to get my life back on track sooner than I thought.

I would have done anything to get Steve back, but looking back, it was clear the relationship was over; I just didn't want to accept it.

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For those who have the chance to get back with their ex partners, The Magic Of Making Up will help you to make sure you never make the same mistakes again. It will teach you how to keep your partner happy so both of you can experience love once more.

The Magic Of Making Up will help you to get your life back together and see things in a whole new light. It will teach you to think differently about relationships, past, present and maybe future ones too. The techniques used are not out of this world or extreme, they use common sense and promote positive thought so any relationship you have from here on in can be the one you've always wanted.